Soothing Breeze (White Vinyl) (2LP)

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- 5000 Limited Worldwide Release by Lofi Records
- 2x 12” color vinyl (45 rpm180Gr 

“Soothing Breeze” is a compilation of 21 carefully selected beats with oriental traditional instruments, soft drum loops and mystical appeal. The air is calm and pure - it’s time for absolute focus in this tranquil landscape.


A1 –Tibeauthetraveler Cherry Tree
A2 –Tenno (2) The Guiding Wind
A3 –Raimu (3) X Tophat Panda Kaigan
A4 –Ambulo Windmills
A5 –Jhove Shibui
B1 –Purrple Cat Mystic Mountain
B2 –Raimu (3) X DaniSogen In Love With The Sky
B3 –Celestial Alignment The View From The Monastery
B4 –Midnight Alpha X Nothingtosay Winter Gardens
B5 –Sweet Medicine Lushan Sun
C1 –Dryhope Wander
C2 –Kanisan Until Dawn
C3 –Yestalgia X Loafy Building West Of Zhuhai
C4 –BVG The Path You Choose
C5 –Purrple Cat Neon Tiger
C6 –Otaam X C4C Tsuyu
D1 –BVG X Møndberg Waterfall
D2 –Phlocalyst X Living Room X Myríad Koi
D3 –Living Room X Otaam Fuji
D4 –Mondo Loops X softy (3) Danso Lullaby
D5 –Jhove High Sun