Akira Mitake 見岳 章

Himawari (Japan Pressing)

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  • A masterpiece of Japanese ambient/new age music
  • Pressed on Black Vinyl
  • Originally released in 1987

Soundtrack of the documentary program for Japanese art history, “Japan: Its Heart and Form” which was aired on NHK educational channel from 1987 to 1988. Akira Mitake worked on it, and after the dissolution of Ippudo, he produced music for the media and provided music to many artists, mainly pop music. It’s an electronic work that expresses the silence, space, romance reminiscent of Japanese spirit. The entire contents has a mysterious atmosphere, “Yasha” and “Keisetsu” are particularly captivating, evoking the beauty of Japan. Truly amazing piece left by the talent behind Masami Tsuchiya, who can be interpreted as ambient music.


1 Himawari
2 Retro no Shizuku
3 Yasha
4 Boufuu
5 Reien no Madobe
6 Kinshitsu no Shirabe
7 Itoshi no Rei
8 Keisetsu
9 Ranja no Sono
10 Koshuu