BiKiNi (Pink Vinyl) (New Vinyl)

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  • Pressed on Clear Pink Vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Originally released in 1983

5 dance-able tracks in Side-A were written, composed, arranged and produced by Toshiki Kadomatsu who met with Anri’s previous title “Heaven Beach”. Tracks in Side-B, Takeshi Kobayashi, one of Anri’s band member for that moment, produced them with moody & mellow tune. This title was the 1st one of 3 titles by Toshiki Kadomatsu.


Disco Side
A1 Good Bye Boogie Dance 4:30
A2 Dancin' Blue 3:13
A3 September Walkin' 3:49
A4 Lady Sunshine 3:39
A5 Yes I'm In Love 5:04

Sea Side
B1 Surf City 4:19
B2 Just Be Yourself 4:54
B3 Beach Boy In My Heart 4:03
B4 Summer Focus 3:15
B5 Affection 4:32