Aoba Ichiko 青葉市子 & Mahito The People

Nuuamm (White Vinyl) (New Vinyl) (Japan Pressings)

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Limited 1000 Pressing - White Vinyl

Manufactured by Toyokasei
Made in Japan

The album "NUUAMM" was stitched and knitted by Ichiko Aoba and Mahi to the People, picking up words one by one.
When you listen to their music, nostalgic memories of your childhood and the future you have yet to see blend together and slowly begin to flow.

This is the first analog version of the album released in 2014. It is a masterpiece of the new generation of Japanese acid folk!!!

Track list

A1 Sappy
A2 Mou Midori
A3 Jikan No Hakaba
A4 Natsubakudan Fuyudaruma
A5 Reikou No Mayu
B1 Rei
B2 Onigashima
B3 Shinkai No Hito
B4 Mayonaka No Television