Bread & Butter

Barbecue (Yellow Vinyl) (Japan Pressings)

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  • Pressed on yellow vinyl
  • Includes the mellow funk track “Pink Shadow,” which Tatsuro Yamashita also covered in his live performances

Released in 1974, “Barbecue,” a classic album that has left its mark on Japanese pop history.

Bread & Butter are two brothers from Chigasaki who started their career as a folk duo in 1969. In 1969, the two Chigasaki brothers, Bread & Butter, began their career as a folk duo, and their third album, “Barbecue,” was released in 1974, using the experience they gained from recording overseas to breathe new life into Japanese pop music.

Haruomi Hosono, Tatsuo Hayashi, Shigeru Suzuki from Tin Pan Alley, and Rei Kohara from Sadistic Mika Band were among the talented musicians who participated.

The mellow funk “Pink Shadow,” which Tatsuro Yamashita also covered in his live performances, “Subway,” a melancholy city pop song of high quality, and “Piglet and ××××,” a psychedelic number reminiscent of early Kevin Ayers, are just a few of the songs.

The eleven tracks are scattered with genre-less songs that chew through roots music, black music, and even Japanese folk. It is a timeless masterpiece that is still fresh in our ears.


1. Magic
2. Pink Shadow
3. Song of Love
4. Flight Room
5. Utsurana Sabbath
6. After the Barbecue "Get Together
7. Subway
8. Dusk (Painful Night)
9. Piglet and ××××
10. Memory
11. Morning sun