Long Vacation (OST)

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The original soundtrack of the hit drama “Long Vacation”, starring Takuya Kimura, Tomoko Yamaguchi, and Yutaka Takenouchi, is finally being released on vinyl for the first time!

Produced by CAGNET, a music unit led by Daisuke Hyuga, this soundtrack was one of the best-selling CDs of the 90’s in Japan selling over 1 million copies at the time of its release. The album features many of the famous songs that colored the drama such as “Close to You (Senna’s Piano II)” and “Deeper and Deeper”.


1) Close to You ~ Senna's Piano II
2) Silent Emotion / CALIN
3) Little by Little / Section-S
4) Long Vacation/Anna McMurphy
5) Tiny Tale
6) Sobani Iteyo/AMI
7) Short Wave Radio
8) Noisy Life / Section-S
9) Background
10) To Live and Die/David
11) Deeper and Deeper/Anna McMurphy
12) What will I do / Natalie Burks