5 (2LP) (New Vinyl)

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Limited Release only 1000 Black Vinyl Worldwide.

Eevee and Inner Ocean Records have teamed up to press for the first time ever a total collection of her famous beat tapes, volumes 1 to 10. Featuring stunning art designed by Ana Aleksov, the two double LP’s and two tape cassettes fit together in a diptych. Totalling 73 tracks and a 2.5hrs runtime across four records and two cassettes, this release is eevee’s magnum opus. A body of work that spanned years in the making and represents a keystone in the golden era of lofi hip hop. These beat tapes are living proof of why eevee is known worldwide as the “lofi queen” and will go down in history as one of the most prolific and consistent beatmakers of the lofi era.


A1 Lost Found 2001 Rare
A2 Try
A3 Away
A4 Yu
A5 Waste
A6 Drifting
A7 Loath
A8 Dreamer
B1 Soul
B2 Reincarnation
B3 Smokes
B4 Care
B5 Crossroads
B6 Hindsight
B7 Icicles
B8 Feeling For Ya
B9 Lost Luv
C1 Skyline
C2 Old Places
C3 Seasons
C4 Ease Up
C5 Somedays
C6 Passing By
C7 Cleavage
C8 Dead Broke
C9 Sunday
C10 Passion
D1 All The Way
D2 Moan
D3 Spaces
D4 Somewhere
D5 Easylife
D6 Slide
D7 Mood
D8 Times
D9 Rosa ♥
D10 Il Mio Nemico
D11 Quiero Amar