Elephant Gym 大象體操 – Dreams (Orange vinyl)

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 大象體操 (Elephant Gym) is a math rock band from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It was formed in February 2012.  This is their third album.


1 阿尼玛 Anima
2 穿过夜晚 Go Through the Night
3 影子 Shadow
Featuring – 9m88
4 女巫 Witches
5 如梦一般 Dreamlike
6 振翅 Wings
Featuring – Kaohsiung City Wind Orchestra
7 Happy but Sad
8 众神的派对 Deities’ Party
Featuring – Chio Tian Folk Drum And Art Troupe
9 敬启者 Dear Human
10 凝视 Gaze at Blue
11 托梦 Fable
12 发梦到你 Dream of You
Featuring – Lin Sheng Xiang