Elephant Gym


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On Underwater, Elephant Gym's latest release and second full-length, there was no single composer overseeing the record. To the end of unlocking new sounds for themselves, each member took turns leading production and compositional roles during the creation of the album. The result is an expansive cohesion of diverse songs which flow in and out of one another like water. Vocal cameos by international collaborators provide another compelling dimension to the record, emboldening a group usually known for their instrumental compositions.

The band explains that "Underwater is an idea about a kind of private, mysterious space." It's a place where one may go to ponder or concentrate, to clear one's head, or to just blow off some steam in solitude. So, too, is Underwater fundamentally about immersion: immersion in the chaos of feeling, living in the throes of being human-sized in the infinite expanse of existence.


A1 Shower
A2 Underwater
A3 Satellite
A4 Half Asleep
A5 Bad Dream
Featuring – Sowut
A6 Walk
A7 Shell
Featuring – Cudjiy lja karivuwan
B1 Lake
B2 Quit (International Collaboration Version)
Featuring – Kento Nagatsuka
B3 Walk
B4 Speechless
B5 Moonset (International Collaboration Version)
Featuring – YEYE
B6 Midway (Rgry Remix)