Fumio Itabashi 渡良瀬

Watarase (Japan Pressing)

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  • "Watarase" is a representative work by Japanese jazz pianist Fumio Itabashi
  • The LP compiled unreleased versions of "Watarase"
  • For fans of Minyo / Wamono / Rare Groove

"Watarase" is one of jazz pianist Fumio Itabashi's most famous compositions from the 1980s. This compilation is a collection of previously unreleased versions of the song and takes that were released only as independent recordings and were not widely known. Minoru Wakasugi, one of the pioneers of the Japanese jazz scene, compiled this unknown take on "Watarase," now in the limelight of jazz fans around the world, from the contemporary perspective.

Composed by Fumio Itabashi in the early 80's, the beautiful melody of this song is reminiscent of the music of Pharaoh Sanders, Ahmad Jamal, and Dollar Brand, or even surpassing them, it is a superb and super spiritual jazz anthem of Wamono Jazz. When this song was first released, it gradually gained popularity in the jazz scene, and it was a popular song in the scene. This album looks back over 40 years of history and carefully selects "Watarase" to be heard today. We can enjoy a fragment of his life here as he continues to express the ultimate in the art of jazz with all his might.


1 A Radio Session in 2013
2 LIVE w/Kazutoki Umezu at Kamakura
3 Live at Hana
4 Unreleased track