Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury

Ex Machina OST (2LP) (180G) (New Vinyl)

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Original Score
A1 The Turing Test
A2 Watching
A3 Ava
A4 Falling
A5 I Am Become Death
B1 Hacking / Cutting
B2 The Test Worked
B3 Skin
B4 Out
B5 Bunsen Burner
Bonus Material
C1 The Lab
C2 Masks
C3 Ava Undresses (Demo Version 1)
C4 Session 2
C5 Mary Experiment
D1 Ava Turns To CCTV
D2 Climbing The Waterfall
D3 Ava Undresses (Demo Version 2)
D4 Reversing The Test
D5 A Beginning