Haru Nemuri ‎– Shunka Ryougen (Deep White Vinyl) (Limited Release)

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Haru Nemuri's new album "Shunka Ryougen". Spanning 21 tracks, the follow-up to 2018’s harutosyura incorporates elements of “modern urban innocence, constraints and homogeneity, which therefore created a feel of tension and compactness,” according to Nemuri. In a press release, the Japanese singer-songwriter said that her instrumentals have developed “a feel of more wideness in natural space,” adding: “I am now able to create sounds that are further closer to the ideal. When I have ideas for songs, I am just an intermediary to help bring them to life. I strive to fulfill that role.”


A1 Omega Et Alpha
A2 Sanctum Sanctorum
A3 Déconstruction
A4 Never Let You Go
A5 Ume Wo Miteiru (Déconstructed)
B1 ZZZ #SN1572
B2 Shunka Ryougen
B3 Seventh Heaven
B4 Pandora
B5 Iconostasis
C1 Sisters With Sisters
C2 Souzou Suru
C3 Bang
C4 Heart Of Gold
C5 Shunrai
D1 ZZZ #arabesque
D2 Old Fashioned
D3 Who The Fuck Is Burning The Forest?
D4 Kick In The World (Déconstructed)
D5 Inori Dake Ga Aru
D6 Ikiru