Hualun 花伦 ‎– 武汉武汉 Wuhan Wuhan (2LP)

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Hualun is an indie post-rock band from Wuhan, China since 2004.

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The OST album of Wuhan Wuhan marks yet another transition in Hualun's long and ever-evolving career. In a change from their previous reliance on leading sonic experimentation by sheer intuition, Ming Kang (guitar/synth), Ding Mao (synth), Rubey (synth/keys), and Wang Wei (bass) chose to express the sentiments of the mass through deliberate tonal changes, facing the global catastrophe and the people affected in a restrained and rational way.

Thanks to the well-thought-out execution, the compositions here avoided sentimental cliches, acquiring a sense of solitude, and a transcendent third-person perspective, which allowed them to musically describe the moments of silence, throbbing, speechlessness, sobbing, exhalation, inhalation, light, darkness, and everything that happened to everyone including themselves, in the city of Wuhan ......


A1 沉默(开始) Silently(Opening)
A3 呼吸 Breathe
A4 高峰 Peaking
B1 苏苏 Susu
B2 没有尽头的夜晚 Endless
B3 李 Lee
B4 现实 Fact
C1 降临 Birth
C2 阳台下的日常 Xiao Yin & Xu on the patio Making Craft
C3 第三个清晨 Third Morning
C4 苏苏的早上 Susu's moring
D1 沉默(结束) Silently (Ending)
D2 滚动 Rolling
D3 马尔多罗之歌二〇二〇 The Song of Maldoror Six - -Special Version
D4 在阳光下 In the Sunlight