Joe Hisaishi

Spirited Away OST (2LP) (Japan Pressing)

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  • Pressed on black double vinyl
  • Gatefold jacket
  • Side D is etched
  • Music recorded in Side A, B, C, and no music recorded on Side D

Joe Hisaishi's acclaimed soundtrack to Spirited Away performed by the New Japan Philharmonic. The album includes beloved main theme, “Itsumo Nando Demo” sung by Yumi Kimura.


1 One Summer Day
2 A Road to Somewhere
3 The Empty Restaurant
4 Nighttime Coming
5 The Dragon Boy
6 Sootballs
7 Procession Of The Spirits
8 Yubaba
9 Bathhouse Morning
10 Day Of The River
11 It's Hard Work
12 The Stink Spirit
13 Sen's Courage
14 The Bottomless Pit
15 Kaonashi (No Face)
16 The Sixth Station
17 Yubaba's Panic
18 The House At Swamp Bottom
19 Reprise
20 The Return
21 Always with Me