John Williams

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back OST (2LP) (Japanese Pressings)

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  • Japanese Record Day 2021 limited release
  • LP: 2-disc set
  • Obi Strip Included
  • Recorded sound source: 192kHz / 24bit master announced in 2018

The soundtrack to ‘’Star Wars / The Empire Strikes Back’’ has been recorded as Star Wars’ first ‘’Record Day’’ target product!

Released in the Japanese version of the original jacket. 2LP. The recorded sound source adopts the 192kHz / 24bit master announced in 2018.


A1 Star Wars (Main Theme) = スター・ウォーズのテーマ
A2 Yoda's Theme = ヨーダのテーマ
A3 The Training Of A Jedi Knight = ジェダイー馬士団の訓練
A4 The Heroics Of Luke And Han = 英雄ルークとハン
B1 The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme) = ダース・ベイダーのテーマ
B2 Departure Of Boba Fett = フェットの出発
B3 Han Solo And The Princess = ハン・ソロと女王
B4 Hyperspace = ハイパースペース
B5 The Battle In The Snow = 雪の中の戦い
C1 The Asteroid Field = 小惑星の原野
C2 The City In The Clouds = 雲の中の町
C3 Rebels At Bay = ベイでの反乱
C4 Yoda And The Force = ヨーダと正義の軍隊
D1 The Duel = 決闘
D2 The Magic Tree = 悪魔の木
D3 Lando's Palace = ランドの城
D4 Finale = フィナーレ