Jojo Hiroshige ft. Yoshiko Sai

Crimson Voyage (LP) (Japan Pressings)

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  • 佐井好子 Yoshiko Sai’s first album in 23 years
  • Improvised Collaboration with noise legend JOJO Hiroshige
  • Comes with Obi-Strip

The Return of Sai Yoshiko!

At first glance, the partnership between JOJO Hiroshige and Yoshiko Sai seems implausible. After all, what could the King of Noise and the mystical folk singer have in common?

Released in 2001, and marking the first musical work from Sai in over two decades, Crimson Voyage is dark swirling ambience, a spirited improvisation between a master of dark noise, and one of Japan’s most underrated singers. Sai’s voice, still as exhilarating as it was during Mangekyo, bursts forward from the depths of droning synthesizer and distorted guitar. Her clear, wordless vocalizations and sparse percussion playing fill sonic space, juxtaposed sharply with the undulating movement of the underlying drone, to create an atmosphere both meditative and breathtakingly beautiful. P-VINE is thrilled to be reissuing Crimson Voyage for the first time ever on limited edition vinyl with an exclusive obi-strip.


1) 虚空 [Ko-ku] 16:58
2) 紅航海 [Crimson Voyage] 17:32
3) 雨の日の魔法 [It's A Rainy Day Magic] 6:50