Jung Jae Il ‎– Parasite OST (2LP) (Green w/ Red Marble Vinyl)

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The Amazing Soundtrack from the Winner of Best Foreign Film in 2020.


A1 Opening
A2 Conciliation 1
A3 On The Way To Rich House
A4 Conciliation 2
A5 Plum Juice
A6 Mr. Yoon And Park
A7 Conciliation 3
A8 The Belt Of Faith
B1 Moon Gwang Left
B2 Camping
B3 The Hellgate
B4 Heartrending Story Of Bubu
B5 Zappaguri
B6 Ghost
B7 The Family Is Busy
B8 Busy To Survive
B9 The Frontal Lobe Of Ki Taek
C1 Water, Ocean
C2 Water, Ocean Again
C3 It Is Sunday Morning
D1 Blood And Sword
D2 Yasan
D3 Moving
D4 Ending
D5 Soju One Glass