Junk Fujiyama

Happiness (New Vinyl) (Japan Import)

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Label - P-Vine

Released as part of music journalist Toshi Kanazawa’s Light Mellow Searches, the heart of city pop beats deep within Junk Fujiyama and his first album for seven years with Happiness. Long before city pop saw the kinds of popularity we see today, Fujiyama was tirelessly plugging away at his craft and brushing off comments that the time for the genre had long passed. His commitment and passion for the sounds of the 80s has largely gone unappreciated in what is now a crowded genre, but at his disposal over the newcomers is an expertise and effortlessness behind his productions that shimmer under the deep-set sun.

Whether its lighting up Japanese spotify charts with “Boku Dake no Sunshine”, enlisting the popular brass section band, Fire Horns, to feature on “Mahou no Tsubuyaki'' or colouring in the embers of summers past with “Natsu no Kasokudo - Kiss my Heart”, over the course of its ten tracks Junk Fujiyama has packed this album full of content. Arrangement duties come from a fresh voice in the genre, Tatsuki Kamiya, and the jacket cover illustration comes from hikari&-. Fans of Tatsuro Yamashita and Taeko Onuki should not sleep on this!

Track List

A1 Lovely Universe
A2 Kiss In My Heart
A3 Daily Rhapsody
A4 Butterfly
A5 Table 9
B1 My Only Sunshine
B2 Strategy
B3 Tweet Of Magic
B4 Repentance
B5 Let's Meet Tomorrow