Junko Ohashi (大橋純子)

Tea For Tears (New Vinyl) (Japan Import)

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Announced in 1981, this is an album produced by Kazuharu Honjo, who disbanded Minoya Central Station and became her first solo return.

An album full of high-quality AOR and pop music written by Yoshiko Miura, composed by Yoshihiro Yonekura, Takeru Sato, Teruo Goto, Mitsuo Hagita, Yasuhiro Abe, and Hirofumi Amami.


A1 Another Day, Another Love
A2 Koino Adlib
A3 Seiren (The Story Of The Sea Spirit)
A4 La Rosa
A5 Telephone Number
B1 Maroon Person
B2 Sisyphus Morning
B3 Bookend
B4 A Horse With No Name
B5 Tea For Tears