Kensuke Ushio

A Silent Voice OST (New Vinyl) (2LP) (Japan Pressings)

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LP includes a 16-page booklet featuring artwork, character information, information about staff who worked on the film, an article written by Andrew Osmond and an article written by Jonathan Clements The complete original soundtrack from the critically acclaimed anime movie A Silent Voice, produced by Kyoto Animation and directed by Naoko Yamada, and adapted from the award-winning manga of the same name.

This emotional journey of ambient music is composed by Kensuke Ushio, whose other soundtrack compositions for anime include the Netflix series Devilman Crybaby and Japan Sinks 2020.


Track List

A1 Tre
A2 Inv 1 (Part 1)
A3 Roh
A4 Lvs
A5 Inv 1 (Part 2)
A6 Rev
A7 Inv 1 (Part 3)
A8 Lvs (Variation)
A9 Thn
A10 Lit
A11 Bnw

B1 Htb
B2 Bll
B3 Acc
B4 Int
B5 Flw
B6 Mon
B7 Maw
B8 Inv 2 (Part 1)
B9 Van
B10 Inv 2 (Part 2)
B11 Inv 2 (Part 3)
B12 Sig

C1 Aft
C2 Inv 2 (Part 4)
C3 Flt
C4 Prc
C5 Pst
C6 Inv 2 (Part 5)
C7 Btf
C8 Van (Variation)

D1 Sus
D2 Frc
D3 Inv 2 (Part 6)
D4 Qut
D5 Svg
D6 Slt
D7 Invention No 1 C Dur (Last Part)
D8 Lit (Variation)