Blue In You OST (New Vinyl) (Blue Vinyl)

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  • 180g HQ pressing
  • Old-school style tip-on jacket along with the original insert
  • Pressed on Blue Vinyl

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 1993

Lee So-ra caught the attention of Kim Hyun-chul through her activities as part of the vocal group Strangers. He eventually suggested they should work on a theme song for a movie together, thus setting off a chain of events that would elevate her to stardom. was directed by Lee Hyun-seung, who was a rookie director at the time. The film aimed to portray a fresh new air and sensibility that belonged to a new age. Kim, a 24-year-old artist with a keen musical ear for the urban feel, was the perfect fit for creating a soundtrack for the film. The film, which starred two of the biggest names in Korean cinema at the time - Ahn Sung-ki and Kang Soo-yeon – became a huge hit, as did the theme duet sung by Lee So-ra and Kim Hyun-chul. In an industry where it was still common practice to rush the production of a soundtrack on a shoestring budget, Kim’s soundtrack for marked a new milestone. The reissue of this album is pressed on all-blue vinyl, to go with the film’s title.


1) 두사람의 테마
2) 그대안의 블루 (Song)
3) 이별의 테마
4) 헤어짐
5) 연민의 테마
6) 연습실에서
7) Afternoon
8) Night
9) 앤드 타이틀
10) 새로운 시작 (Song)
11) 메인테마
12) 만남 Blue & Puple
13) 만남 Sky Blue (Piano)
14) 만남 Marine Blue (Synth)
15) 만남 Prussian Blue (Guitar)
16) 앤드 타이틀
17) 새로운 시작 (Guitar Version)