Kohei Tanaka

One Piece: New World OST (2LP) (Yellow/Red Vinyl)

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  • Pressed on Yellow and Red Double Vinyl
  • Rediscover the original New World soundtrack for the first time on vinyl!
  • Over 80 minutes to relive the adventures of Dressrosa, Punk Hazard, etc...

Luffy, a mischievous boy, dreams of becoming the king of the pirates by finding the "One Piece", a fabulous and mysterious treasure. But, inadvertently, Luffy one day swallowed a "magical devil fruit" that turned him into a rubber man. Since then, he is able to contort his elastic body in all directions, but he has lost the ability to swim, the height for a pirate! Over the course of ever more incredible adventures and chance encounters, Luffy will gradually compose his crew and multiply friendships with the peoples he discovers, while facing formidable enemies.

Kohei Tanaka worked on the composition and arrangement of this album.


1 To the New World!!
2 Rebirth! The Straw Hat Pirates
3 Jinbei Strait
4 Surgeon of Death
5 Master’s Scornful Laughter
6 Enemies Appear
7 Spirit Of Guru
8 The Weak Power Strengthens!
9 A Man’s Battle
10 I Think Of The Past
11 Go Go! The Straw Hat Pirates!!
12 Country of Love
13 Frenzy! Colosseum
14 Donquixote Doflamingo
15 Trafalgar Law
16 Admiral "Fujitora"
17 Violet’s Dance of Passion
18 Love Cannot Be Stopped
19 Fight in the Colosseum
20 Fierce Battle in the Colosseum
21 Revolutionary Army’s Chief of Staff
22 Gear Fourth
23 Ballad of Sadness
24 Approaching! Birdcage Encirclement
25 Doflamingo Overwhelming Force
26 The Thousand Year Island
27 Garuchu~!!
28 The Mink Tribe’s Battle
29 The Samurai and Mink Tribe’s Bond
30 Dressrosa’s Hidden Secrets
31 Brook Healing Violin
32 Eyecatch (New World Version)
33 To the Origin of Ace! – Main Title ~ Teachings of Rayleigh
34 Things We Desired
35 World VS Luffy: Final Battle
36 Destroyer of the World! World
37 Loneliness
38 Gathering of the Straw Hat Pirates! Towards Battle
39 Releasing the Trap
40 Straw Hat Pirates VS Mad Treasure
41 Luffy
42 Escape from Bonbori-sama
43 Next Time Preview (Here We Go Version)