Masahide Sakuma 佐久間正英 – Lisa (Japan Pressing) (New Vinyl)

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One of the best album with fusion of jazz and electronic music. It was the debut album of Masahide Sakuma back in 1984.  He started his career as a musician in the late 70s, playing bass in Yonin-Bayashi (四人囃子) and keyboards in Plastics, but later he became a well-known and respected producer, working with bands like Glay, Judy And Mary, Boøwy, P-Model and countless others.


A1 Dim (3)
A2 Vitamin for Victory
A3 Secret Life On The Moon
A4 Windows
A5 Hi !!
B1 Mon Oncle
B2 Lisa
B3 Theodore
B4 Dormir
B5 Troisieme Homme-Moll
B6 Armadillo
B7 A Demain