Masako Ohta & Matthias Lindermayr

Mmmmh (New Vinyl)

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Pianist Masako Ohta and trumpet player Matthias Lindermayr's music flows in gentle waves, moving with ease between every theme they imagine. Their music is largely improvised, embracing chance and following sound down winding paths. Their debut collaborative album, Mmmmh, highlights this loose process through its relaxed pace, surprising turns, and drifting style. The album presents small vignettes that each encapsulate their free-flowing motion and tranquil melodies, drawing from simple ideas to create a fully bloomed, radiant sound.


A1 Trudelutt
A2 Oli's Balloon
A3 All Good Things Are Four
A4 Tolv
A5 Sora
A6 Kogia
B1 Ayet
B2 Penguin
B3 La