Miyuki Hatakeyama 畠山美由紀

Diving Into Your Mind (Japan Pressings)

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Double Famous, Port of Notes Vo, Miyuki Hatakeyama’s (畠山美由紀) first solo album is converted to analog for the first time. All songs have become standard high-quality pop music in collaboration with Little Creatures Masato Suzuki, and an album filled with the charm of her singing voice that is different from the unit time.


A1 Diving Into Your Mind
A2 Far Light, Distant Place
A3 Here
A4 Night Illuminated By The Shining Moon
A5 You Will Remember The Rain
B1 Into The Whisper
B2 Aoi Yuunagi
B3 Without Hesitation
B4 The Voice That Called Me
B5 Dream A Little Dream Of Me