Morita Doji

FM Tokyo Pioneer Sound Approach (New Vinyl)

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  • Official release of a legendary Japanese folk singer "Doji Morita"
  • Unreleased studio live take recorded in 1978
  • Japanese Obi-strip

Dōji Morita, who debuted in 1975 with the single "Sayonara Boku no Tomodachi / Mabushii Natsu," was a unique and enigmatic presence in Japanese folk scene with her characteristic sunglasses and curly hair. Starting with "GOOD BYE" in the same year, she went on to release a series of masterpiece albums, including "Mother Sky: Can You Fly Alone in the Sad Blue Sky?" (1976) and "a Boy" (1977). This album is a live recording from the spring of 1978, during the peak of Mori's career, when she appeared on the popular FM Tokyo radio program "Pioneer Sound Approach." With a selection of her best songs, delicate singing and playing, and valuable on-stage banter, this is a must-have live album not only for fans but for anyone. Despite its brevity, this album captures the richness of her career.


1 蒼き夜は (Blue Night)
2 ぼくを見かけませんでしたか (Didn't You See Me?)
3 雨のクロール (Rainy Crawl)
4 ぼくと観光バスに乗ってみませんか (Will You Ride the Sightseeing Bus With Me)
5 春爛漫 (Best Spring)
6 さよならぼくのともだち (Good Bye My Friend)
7 風さわぐ原地の中に (In The Windy Wilderness)