Natsu Summer & Ryusenkei ‎– Sun Kissed Lady (Limited Release) (Japan Import)

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A very limited and rare release from Japan. Natsu Summer and Ryusenkei's latest collaboration, the best of both world from City pop and Reggae-Pop. A MUST HAVE!


A1 トワイライト・シャドウ = Twilight Shadow
A2 心のウィングレット = Winglet
A3 One
A4 渚のアンラッキーボーイズ = Nagisa No Unlucky Boys
B1 Shinin' World, Ridin' Road
B2 モーニング・シャドウ = Morning Shadow
B3 低気圧ボーイ = Low Pressure Boy
B4 低気圧ボーイ = Low Pressure Boy~Instrumental Dub Mix