Paper Kites

Evergreen (RSD24) (New Vinyl)

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Australian indie folk rock band The Paper Kites release Evergreen, a compilation featuring the band’s debut EP, Woodland, and follow-up EP, Young North, for the first time on vinyl. Notably the release includes the standout single "Bloom" which has been certified platinum in the US, Canada, Australia, Italy & the Netherlands.
Its earthy instrumentals create a perfect backdrop for the band’s trademark harmonies that have garnered them a dedicated audience. This release features all audio re-mastering for vinyl by lead singer Sam.

1. Woodland
2. Featherstone
3. Halcyon
4. Willow Tree March
5. The Mortal Boy King
6. Bloom
1. A Maker of My Time
2. Leopold Street
3. When Our Legs Grew Tall
4. Paint
5. Kiss the Grass