Down To Earth (New Vinyl) (Black Milky Clear Vinyl)

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Phoniks returns with his first full-length solo project. An 18-track instrumental hip-hop beat tape titled “Down To Earth”. Nearly 2 years in the works, Phoniks dug through over 250 hours worth of recorded material when piecing together his solo debut. The album is comprised of 2 to 3 minute jazz-tinged lo-fi head nodders connected with thought-provoking spoken word samples from 50’s sci-fi space movies. Crunchy 12-bit drums, spaced-out filters, and delays and a sprinkling of horn loops and soul vocals captivate over the albums 40-min run time. The goal is to take the listener off to another place, floating through the cosmos on a one-man spacecraft with nothing but a pair of headphones and all the time in the world.


A1 Satellites
A2 Somewhere In The Night Sky
A3 Day Break
A4 Don't Want To Lose You
A5 Inner Visions
A6 Cruisin
A7 Ten Nine
A8 It'll All Be Over
B1 How High The Moon
B2 After The Rain
B3 Cosmos
B4 Interplanetary
B5 Message To Earth
B6 Never Built To Fly
B7 Astrologic
B8 A Path Thru Haze
B9 Drifting
B10 Light Years Away