Radwimps ‎– すずめ「Suzume」OST 2LP (US Pressings)

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  • - Film OST from the latest creation by Makoto Shinkai
  • - OST by popular Japanese indie band RADWIMPS – the third soundtrack collabortation with Shinkai after YOUR NAME and WEATHERING WITH YOU


    This soundtrack marks the third collaboration between acclaimed film director Makoto Shinkai and RADWIMPS, following Your Name. and Weathering With You. Kazuma Jinnouchi, whose previous credits as a composer include Detective Pikachu and Star Wars: Visions, joined with RADWIMPS on the soundtrack, providing additional experience from Hollywood and anime alike. TikTok star Toaka provides vocals for one of the theme songs “Suzume feat. Toaka”. Notably, several of the recordings for the soundtrack were held at Abbey Road Studios in London, with both Kazuma and Yojiro Noda of RADWIMPS conducting the orchestra at the famous site.


    A1 Radwimps– The First Encounter 1:02
    A2 Kazuma Jinnouchi / Radwimps– Abandoned Resort 3:57
    A3 Radwimps– First Aid 1:24
    A4 Radwimps– Cat Chase 2:15
    A5 Radwimps– At Night in Ferry 1:53
    A6 Radwimps– Cat me if you can 1:33
    A7 Kazuma Jinnouchi– Abandoned School 3:11
    A8 Radwimps– Time for two 2:56
    B1 Kazuma Jinnouchi– Hitchhike 2:17
    B2 Kazuma Jinnouchi– Two Little Terrors 1:22
    B3 Kazuma Jinnouchi / Radwimps– Dreaming on Ferris Wheel 4:50
    B4 Radwimps– Soldier's Break 2:52
    B5 Kazuma Jinnouchi– Shinkansen Super Express 1:32
    B6 Radwimps– History of Mimizu 1:26
    B7 Kazuma Jinnouchi– Significant Precursor 3:04
    B8 Radwimps– Sky Over Tokyo 4:14
    C1 Kazuma Jinnouchi / Radwimps– Suzume's Departure 5:29
    C2 Kazuma Jinnouchi– Posessed 1:24
    C3 Radwimps– Double Riding 1:42
    C4 Radwimps– It wasn't a dream 1:51
    C5 Kazuma Jinnouchi / Radwimps– The Other Side of the Door 1:08
    C6 Kazuma Jinnouchi– Aftermath 1:43
    C7 Radwimps / Kazuma Jinnouchi– To be with Sota 2:23
    C8 Kazuma Jinnouchi– Prayer 3:05
    C9 Radwimps / Kazuma Jinnouchi– Closing the Door 3:52
    D1 Radwimps– KANATA HALUKA 5:55
    D2 Radwimps– Suzume 3:58
    D3 Radwimps– Tamaki 4:55
    D4 Radwimps– Tears of Suzume 4:35