Somewhere In The Stars (RSD24) (New Vinyl)

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  • Previously Unreleased Recording
  • Limited to 1200 copies on transparent cherry vinyl
  • Tip-on jacket, Download code, Insert featuring LP sized original art by Grungie O'Muck
  • Includes the original recording of Richard Tucker's, "Are You Leaving For The Country", later covered by Karen Dalton,and the only song co-written by Karen & Richard, "Sleeping In The Garden"
"Richard, Cam & Bert seem to have grasped The Great Harmony. That is, ensemble singing that is at once sweet, precise, funky and a bit sardonic..."
-Mike Jahn / New York Times (1970)

"For a few years in the late sixties and early seventies Richard Cam & Bert ruled MacDougal St. walking a fine line between the increasingly commercialized demands created by groups like Crosby Stills and Nash and the fierce integrity of earlier folk performers, the generation to which Richard belonged. They managed this with great aplomb, producing original tunes of great integrity and obvious folkloric origins, as well as those which expressed the anarchic omnipresent psychedelia of the moment. They also never abandoned the idea of including some traditional material in their performances. But for the usual random application of luck they could have been very big."
Grungie O’Muck / Artist, Bluesman, Cover artist for their first album and contributor to this one.