Ryo Fukui 福居良

Scenery (New Vinyl)

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Scenery (シーナリィ) is a 1976 jazz album by Japanese pianist Ryo Fukui. It was Fukui's first release. 

“Released when Ryo was 27 years old, Scenery is to jazz music as Is This It? is to rock music. A love letter of the purest form. The Strokes took forty years of rock music and chewed it up in a way that only a true blood fan of the music could, and so it is with Scenery. Playing a mixture of a mixture of original compositions and renditions of classics jazz standards, Ryo immediately proves what seperated him from jazz musicians of the time…

…Ryo and his trio perform them with such passion and energy the standards transform into something wholly unique. Equally fundamental, was that the trio exuded such a genuine lack of cynicism, and intellectual posturing, something the overly self-serious jazz world so desperately needed in 1976.” – Overblown


Track List

Side A:
1) It Could Happen to You (Jimmy Van Heusen, Johnny Burke)
2) I Want to Talk About You (Billy Eckstine)
3) Early Summer (Hideo Ichikawa)

Side B:
1) Willow Weep for Me (Ann Ronell)
2) Autumn Leaves (Joseph Kosma, Jacques Prévert)
3) Scenery (Ryo Fukui)