Ryoko Hirosue 廣末涼子

ARIGATO! (Red Vinyl) (New Vinyl)

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  • Originally released in 1997
  • Pressed on Red Vinyl
  • Featuring four songs written and composed by Mariya Takeuchi

Ryoko Hirosue’s 1st album “ARIGATO!” released in 1997 will be released on color vinyl!

The songs included are 7-inch versions of “Maji de Koi suru 5 sec mae” and “Daisuki!”], 4 songs written and composed by Mariya Takeuchi, A total of 12 songs, including the 3rd single “Kaze no Prism” produced by Yuko Hara of Southern All Stars.


A1 Prologue ~m.k.5~
A2 大スキ!
A3 恋のカウンセル
A4 風のプリズム
A5 言い出せなくて
A6 ヨリミチ
B1 とまどい ~Back To The Summer Version~
B2 It's My Idol
B3 なんてったって今日はクリスマス!
B4 MajiでKoiする5秒前
B5 f.s.b. ~Five Seconds Before~
B6 アリガト!