Saho Terao 寺尾紗穂

Going North (New Vinyl) (Japan Pressing)

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  • Limited First Edition Pressing
  • Long awaited analog release of ninth studio album
  • Pressed on black vinyl

Perhaps more than any other musician of her generation, Japanese singer-songwriter Saho Terao has pursued the perfect “song”. In the 16 years since her debut album, Terao has made songs ranging from Joni-mitchell inspired folk ballads to pop renditions of traditional Japanese lullabies. Saho Terao’s ninth original studio album, Kita e Mukau (Going North) is a celebration of her history, but sounds fresh from beginning to end.

The diverse cast of supporting musicians should be familiar to fans of Terao, with musicians such as Reizaburo Adachi (ds, sax.), Wataru Iga (b.) (who form the three piece band Fuyu ni Wakarete along with Terao), Shuta Hasunuma (arr.), U-zhaan (Tabla), Mahito The People (gt.), Wakana Ikeda (fl.), and more appearing on the record. Although Terao’s soothing voice and piano playing form the basis of each of the songs, the arrangements are at times times fun and upbeat, at times bordering on avant-garde, and at times so beautiful that you’ll find yourself teary-eyed.


1) Yuukoku
2) Going North
3) Ichiwa ga NIwani
4) Yakurai Yuki
5) Asatoyayunta
6) Kimiwa Watashino Tomodachi
7) Sentaku
8) Sora to Umi
9) Kioku
10) Kokorono Mamani
11) Yuumagure (Electric Guitar Version)