Sayonara Ponytail

Momyu No Ki No Mukougawa (New Vinyl)

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Sayonara Ponytail wave repeatedly, beckoning you in from the cold with finely-crafted J-pop songs that reignite the embers of the soul. In the past ten years, the line-up and sound identity of this twelve member music collective has undergone a number of changes, but the blueprints contained within their first album Momyuno Kino Mukougawa have shined brightly through their catalogue. Across these tracks, the vocals of the three singing members hover delicately over stripped-down instrumentation, sharing similarities with the tender J-pop emerging at the turn of the century seen in the likes of Chara and Shunji-Iwai related projects. Felicity records is thrilled to be reuniting fans with this 2011 album that began their journey with a first-time press on vinyl format.