Shigeru Umebayashi 梅林茂

Music For Film (2LP) (White Vinyl)

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- Brussels Philharmonic Conducted By Dirk Brossé 

Shigeru Umebayashi is an internationally renowned composer who is best known for creating ‘Yumeji’s Theme’ for Wong Karwai’s film In The Mood For Love.
In addition to collaborating with Wong Kar-Wai on 2046, Umebayashi was the music producer and composer for Zhang Yimou’s films House Of Flying Daggers and Curse Of The Golden Flower.

This is an updated version of Film Fest Ghent’s 2010 tribute to the composer’s work which featured his most celebrated music.

This edition includes material that has not been otherwise released featuring two pieces from A Single Man, a cue from the anthology film
Hero and a new arrangement from his breakthrough score, Moyou from Sorekara, which features in the film The Grandmaster.

Following the success of vinyl releases featuring Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alan Silvestri in the same series, this double LP on white vinyl in a distinctive gatefold sleeve features world-class recording by Brussels Philharmonic/Dirk Brossé of Umebayashi’s most impressive work.


A1 Yumeji's Theme (In The Mood For Love)
A2 Theme Of The Empress (Curse Of The Golden Flower)
A3 Curse Of The Golden Flower
A4 Mother & Jai
A5 Polonaise (2046)
A6 Interlude
B1 Main Theme
B2 Main Theme (Incendiary)
B3 Victoria Station
B4 Joan's Cello (Hero)
B5 Vendetta March (Charleston & Vendetta (Tears For Sale))
C1 George's Waltz Ii (A Single Man)
C2 A Variation On Scotty Tails Madeleine/Carlos
C3 Hollow Inside (Hannibal Rising)
C4 Train (Zhou Yu's Train)
C5 Moyou (Pattern) (Sorekara (& Then)/the Grandmaster)
C6 Sorekara Main Theme (Sorekara (And Then))
D1 In Times Past & Gone
D2 No Way Out (House Of Flying Daggers)
D3 Farewell No 2
D4 Lovers