Stacey Kent

The Changing Lights (2LP)

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Stacey Kent’s vocal mastery, the immaculate intonation, timing and diction are flawless to the point of sheer purity. Her voice becomes an instrument with impeccable clarity and minimal vibrato. The album’s musical focus is Brazilian, mixing classics with originals, while switching smoothly between English, Portuguese and French.

There are covers of Bossa Nova numbers from Tom Jobim, Roberto Menescal, Marcos Valle and others. Highlights include Jobim’s How Insensitive, which is quietly and intensely melancholic, whilst the Jobim classic, One Note Samba, is given a cheeky up-tempo treatment. It is a difficult number to handle at such pace with the short-spaced, almost staccato notes. Stacey effortlessly takes the scale runs in her stride. Roberto Menescal’s O Barquinho is given a fresh arrangement and is performed by the composer himself on guitar.


1 This Happy Madness
2 The Summer We Crossed Europe In The Rain
3 One Note Samba (Samba De Uma Nota Só)
4 Mais Uma Vez
5 Waiter, Oh Waiter
6 O, Barquinho
7 The Changing Lights
8 How Insensitive
9 O Bêbado E A Equilibrista / Smile
10 Like A Lover
11 The Face I Love
12 A Tarde
13 Chanson Légère