Stevia (Susumu Yokota)

Fruits Of The Room (Limited Edition) (2LP)

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  • Susumu Yokota previously vinyl unreleased electronic explorations
  • Remastered by Damian Schwartz on a double LP
  • Artwork reimagined by celebrated visual artist Masaho Anotani
  • Limited Edition 500 copies

In 1997 and 1998, the late great Japanese composer, producer, and DJ Susumu Yokota released two of the most eclectic albums of his decades-long career, Fruits of The Room and Greenpeace. Recorded under his Stevia alias for Tokyo Techno pioneer DJ Miku’s Newstage Records/NS-COM, they were Yokota-san’s homage to the foundational days of club music in Japan.

This year, Glossy Mistakes are proud to present the first official vinyl editions of Fruits of The Room and Greenpeace, originally released on CD during the golden days of the format. Packaged in reimagined cover artwork created by the celebrated Japanese visual artist Masaho Anotani, these two albums perfectly capture the diversity at the heart of Yokota-san’s oeuvre. Across Fruits of The Room, he takes us on an expansive odyssey through his personal visions for deep house, street soul, jungle/drum & bass, digital dub and the slipstream moments between genres. A totally inspired dancefloor exploration.


A1 Maverick
A2 Fruits Of The Planet
B1 Little Comets
B2 Flying Sheep
B3 Some Questions
C1 Paint It
C2 Penguin On Desert
C3 Sensitive Plant
D1 Sunny Side
D2 Zebra Tone
D3 The Way