Sunset Rollercoaster 落日飛車 ‎– Bossa Nova 芭莎諾娃 (Numbered) (New Vinyl)

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Sunset Rollercoaster is a Taiwanese indie band and now comprised singer, guitarist and songwriter Kuo Hung Tseng, bassist Hung Li Chen, keyboardist Shao Hsuan Wang, drummer Tsun Lung Lo, and percussionist Hao Chia Chang. The band’s debut album “Bossa Nova” was self-released September 22, 2011 and quickly received critical acclaim.


A1 Bomb Of Love
A2 No Man's Land
A3 Hogi Hogi La La Jo
A4 Little Monkey Rides On The Little Donkey
A5 I Know You Know I Love You
A6 Pinky Pinky 2:02
B1 Punk
B2 A Little Piece Of Sadness
B3 Blues
B4 No Man's Land (Reprise)
B5 Queen
B6 My Monday Throne