Tat Ming Pair (達明一派)

The Story of The Stone 石頭記 (180G)

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- Remastered at the ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS from the original master tapes
- Limited 500 copies worldwide, Numbered Vinyl
- 180 Grams vinyl, 33 1/3 Stereo
- 20 x 30' Poster included
- Made in Japan

A collector's item for any fans of the iconic Tak Ming Pair, an experimental Cantopop duo with vocalist Anthony Wong Yiu-Ming (黃耀明) and Tats Lau(劉以達). This is an reissue of their breakout album "The Story of The Stone" 石頭記 in 1987. 

Side A
1. 離
2. 馬路天使
3. 美好「新世界」
4. 無風的秋季
5. 石頭記
Side B
1. 傷逝
2. 崩裂
3. 後窗
4. 一個人在途上
5. 棄