Takeo Watanabe / Yushi Matsuyama

I: BGM Collection Vol. 1 (Japan Pressings)

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  • 40th Anniversary
  • Japanese import
  • OBI strip
  • Limited edition

One of the two soundtrack albums to the first movie series, containing scores used in the scenes in the space from Side 7 to Entering the Atmosphere. Followed by SYMPHONIC POEM, this was the third challenge for Watanabe and Matsuyama, produced using script and rush.

Original Release Date: 14 Mar 1981 (K25G-7017)


A1 Cosmic century 0079
A2 People of war
A3 Overcoming sorrow
A4 sneak into
A5 Fateful encounter
A6 Red Comet
A7 urgent
A8 White base
A9 Darkness upset
B1 Luna Two
B2 Incandescence
B3 Hot
B4 Why?
B5 Courage to fight
B6 Crush
B7 Boy
B8 Star children