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From the tender-hearted “Jinzou Maria” to the rumbling and raucous “Yurei Zanmai”, the songs of Hagata bear an eerie yet somehow familiar sensation. Japanese pop tones, Serge Gainsbourg grandeur, folk whisper, and Brazilian surf rock all mix into the psychedelic stew. Blending past and present, from Canada to Japan, multiple lives lived at once, each track carries a sense of change, impact, of having been marked in an intimate way. And yet the force behind that marking is always just out of grasp, a wisp, a ghost, an energy, a spirit that compels you to keep reaching.


1) Garakuta = がらくた
2) Gotoku Lemon = 悟得檸檬
3) Hoppe = ほっぺ
4) Onaji Heya = 同じ部屋
5) Me No Heya = 目の部屋
6) Doppelganger = 複体
7) Setagaya Koya = 世田谷荒野
8) Kaikijyu = 海帰獣
9) Yurei Zanmai = 幽霊三昧
10)Jinzou Maria = 腎臓マリア