The Dining Rooms

Art is a Cat (New Vinyl)

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After a 5-year long hiatus, cinematic music heroes The Dining Rooms are back with one of their most complete and innovative release ever, the 8th one made in collaboration with Schema Records.

This is probably one of the most interesting albums from the Milanese duo, that still carries the classic Dining Rooms trademark, but also sounds very contemporary and fresh.

Includes collaborations with Sean Martin, Georgeanne Kalweit, Lola Kola, Beatrice Velasco Moreno and Rahma Hafsi on vocals.


A1 - Nobody Knows
A2 - When You Died feat Sean Martin
A3 - Ohm & Raga
A4 - Little Girl feat Rahma Hafsi
A5 - Astratto
B1 - Art Is A Cat feat Beatrice Velasco Moreno
B2 - Alli Guai
B3 - Carpet Of Green feat Georgeanne Kalweit
B4 - Summer Blues
C1 - Sweet Love feat Beatrice Velasco Moreno
C2 - Nella Sua Loca Realta feat Lola Kola
C3 - Ghosts
C4 - Two Thousand Parts feat Sean Martin
C5 - Mare Della Tranquillita
D1 - Teach Me To Dance feat Beatrice Velasco Moreno & Sean Martin
D2 - Intreccio
D3 - No Frame feat Georgeanne Kalweit
D4 - I Love You
D5 - She Says I'm Bad