Tomoko Aran (亜蘭知子) ‎– Floating Space (Clear Vinyl) (Japan Pressings)

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- Queen of City Pop
- Long-awaited repress on clear vinyl
- Midnight Pretenders was recently sampled on The Weekend’s album


Tomoko Aran’s “Midnight Pretenders” Recorded album “Floating Space” has been repressed on a clear vinyl because it was sampled by The Weeknd!

With Masatoshi Nishimura of FENCE OF DEFENSE as the sound producer, this work is a novel work that incorporates not only new wave and rock elements, but also mellow songs and experimental sounds, but in recent years it has fueled the popularity of city pop. In response, the mellowness “I’m In Love” “Midnight Pretenders” and the cosmic sound “Hannya” have become popular because they have led to re-evaluation overseas and young people who did not know the time (original release was 1983)."


1. Body To Body
2. Lonely Night
3. I'm In Love
4. The Le N Ma (25-year-old melancholy)
5. Midnight Pretenders
6. One summer tapestry
8. Cheerful Yesterday
9. Baby, Don't You Cry Anymore