Tomoko Aran (亜蘭知子) ‎– More Relax (Japan Pressings)

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  • Tomoko Aran is an artist sampled by The Weekend
  • First time on vinyl

“More Relax”, the fourth album released in 1984 by Aran Tomoko, which is currently the talk of the town after being sampled by The Weekend, is being reissued in analog for the first time!

Arranged by Minoru Mukaiya, the performance team includes Tetsuo Sakurai, Akira Jinbo, and other members of Cassiopeia at the time, as well as Makoto Matsushita. This is a long-awaited reissue, as the price has skyrocketed on the used market.


1. Drive To Love(愛の海へ)
2. Slow Nights
3. Relax
4. I Can't Say Good-bye
5. E☆SPY(エ・ス・パ・イ)
6. Waterless Pool(水のないプール)
7. もう一度South Wind
8. 裸足のサロメ
9. 13月の奇跡
10. Privacy