Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio

Sweet for K (Japan Pressing)

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Tsuyoshi Yamamoto and Yoshihiko Kannari, a former engineer for the TBM label, reunited on their last album "Blues for K" (SCOL-1062).

The duo have also produced numerous world-class recordings from Japan, including "Midnight Sugar" and "Misty".

Then in 2023, Yoshihiko Kaminari made his return to the ONKIO HAUS in Tokyo!

They will once again be at this iconic studio, where the TBM label used to do recordings.

The songs for this album are a collection of ballads, mainly by Erroll Garner, whom Tsuyoshi Yamamoto has always admired and loved.

The result is a return to their roots and a challenging work for both of them.


1 Night Wind
2 Paris Bounce
3 When Paris Cries
4 Dreamy
5 Mood Island
6 Solitaire
7 Daahoud
8 Polka Dots and Moonbeams
9 Sweet for K
10 Laura
11 Garner Tal