Chungking Express 重慶森林 OST (180G) (New Vinyl)

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- Abbey Roads Studio
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A1 夢中人 - Dreams
A2 追逐一班形而上列車 (Chasing The Metaphysical Express)
A3 感性森林 (Sensuous Forest)
A4 太空內的快活 (Fornication In Space)
A5 汗、雨、淚 (Rain 、Tear And Sweat)
A6 夜餐 (Night Snack)
B1 殘酷仙境節奏 (Entering The Hardboiled Wonderland)
B2 硬搖硬滾的遊魂 (Rock Like A Dog)
B3 傷心短篇 (Heartbreak Interlude)
B4 分手前最後一聲再見 (Sweat Farewell)
B5 Faye Wong– 胡思亂想
B6 The Mamas & The Papas– California Dreamin'
B7 The Flying Pickets– Only You
B8 Dinah Washington– What A Difference A Day Made