Drift Ambient Compilation (2LP) (New Vinyl)

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First Wave is the very first compilation and physical release on Drift, the sub ambient label of Inner Ocean Records. We've gathered together some of the best emerging ambient artists, alongside artists who have been music creators for decades. The result is a very special and diverse collection of music, melding together a myriad of genres into a cohesive body of work to stand the test of time; a true work of art.


A1 V E N N - Whenever It Rains
A2 Peter Bark - Hidden Shoal
A3 Zac Colwell - The Garden Dreams
A4 Dokkodo Sounds - Forest Baths
B1 Charlie Dreaming - Sunrise Session
B2 Distance Learning - Greyfield Woods
B3 Montane District - Blurred Altitudes
B4 Watercolors - Empathy
B5 Sidd Garrett - No Melody
C1 Jabbu - Aetherial
C2 Kurt Stewart & Imagiro - Frozen Clocks
C3 Yutaka Hirasaka - Tsuki
C4 Andrew Stephen - Fluidity
C5 Warm Lcd - Sleep Tone
C6 Arbee - Parcimonie
D1 Ave Grave - Los Angeles Ca 260419
D2 Qaett - Ships That Sailed
D3 Altitude. - Iris Metallic
D4 Isak Gaines - The Blossom Within