Hogwarts Legacy OST (New Vinyl) (3LP)

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  • 3x 140 Gram Black Vinyl
  • Manufactured in Czech Republic

Hogwarts Legacy is an immersive, open-world action RPG set in the world first introduced in the Harry Potter books.

Chuck E Myers was the lead composer of the Hogwarts Legacy soundtrack, with composers Peter Murray and J Scott Rakozy also working on the music for the highly-anticipated game.


A1 Chuck E. Myers "Sea"*, J Scott Rakozy & Peter Murray (6)– Overture To The Unwritten 4:54
A2 J Scott Rakozy– House Cup Finale 3:24
A3 Chuck E. Myers "Sea"*– Fig's Search 3:10
A4 J Scott Rakozy– A Proper Hogwarts Welcome 2:13
A5 J Scott Rakozy– Potting Mandrakes 2:31
A6 Chuck E. Myers "Sea"*– Seeking The Keepers 3:04
B1 Chuck E. Myers "Sea"*– Ranrok's Rage 3:36
B2 J Scott Rakozy– A Lost Friend 1:50
B3 J Scott Rakozy– Everybody Grab A Broom 6:35
B4 Peter Murray (6)– All Roads Lead To Hogsmeade 2:51
B5 Chuck E. Myers "Sea"*– Anticipating Rookwood 3:52
C1 Chuck E. Myers "Sea"*– Miriam's Memory 3:42
C2 Chuck E. Myers "Sea"*– Grasslands Vivarium 4:26
C3 J Scott Rakozy– A Fitting New Home 3:30
C4 Chuck E. Myers "Sea"*– Isidora's Pain 3:23
C5 J Scott Rakozy– See You After Class 2:30
C6 Chuck E. Myers "Sea"*– Hog's Head Jig 1:38
D1 Chuck E. Myers "Sea"*– Guardians Awaken 6:12
D2 J Scott Rakozy– Accio! 7:07
D3 J Scott Rakozy– Legacy Of Magic 3:13
D4 Chuck E. Myers "Sea"*– Ruins Of A Noted Seer 2:47
E1 Chuck E. Myers "Sea"*– A Portrait Of Love 3:16
E2 J Scott Rakozy– The Greenhouse 3:32
E3 Peter Murray (6)– Ollivander's Wand Shop 2:33
E4 J Scott Rakozy– Coastal Vivarium 3:30
E5 J Scott Rakozy– The Four Houses 4:08
E6 Peter Murray (6)– You've Made Your Choice 1:39
F1 J Scott Rakozy– Soaring Over Hogwarts 3:30
F2 Chuck E. Myers "Sea"*– Haven 3:20
F3 J Scott Rakozy– The Halls Of Hogwarts 2:49
F4 J Scott Rakozy– The Room Of Requirement 1:40
F5 Chuck E. Myers "Sea"*– Niamh's Lullaby 1:47
F6 Chuck E. Myers "Sea"*– Trespassers 4:47
F7 J Scott Rakozy– Tribute 2:42