Island Sounds From Japan (New Vinyl)

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V/A - Island Sounds From Japan 2009-2016

The music on this compilation features a range of modern Japanese musicians who have each sought to expand genre boundaries by fusing different styles. Hailing from different musical backgrounds they are united by a common goal to deliver a distinctly tropical strain of sound, or what Time Capsule label boss and compiler Kay Suzuki refersto as Island Music. ‘Although this collection concentrates mainly on recent bands it doesn’t try to reflect what is currently popular. Instead, each artist has used a mixture of craftsmanship and their own personal experiences to experiment with styles and reshape them into new and unique forms. I feel strongly that they deserve more exposure around the world’ he says.

Label - Time Capsule
Track list

A1 Speak No Evil - Speak No Evil
A2 Aqatuki - Wakanoura
B1 Altz - Orympia Rocks
B2 Keiichi Tanaka - City Of Aleppo
B3 Keiichi Tanaka - City Of Dub